Day: June 9, 2017

Medical Marijuana Dispensary has Made a Cannabis-Infused PIZZA for Patients in Boston

A medical marijuana dispensary has made a cannabis-infused pizza for patients who don’t want to smoke the drug. The six-inch pie, which costs $38, was designed by Ermont Inc, a large marijuana business in Quincy, on the outskirts of Boston. It is topped with a potent tomato sauce, infused with 125mg of THC distillate, which […]

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Grandmother Who Lost Her Home Because Her Son Sold Marijuana Wins Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case

Without ever being charged with a crime, a West Philadelphia grandmother had her home and her car confiscated because her son sold less than $200 worth of marijuana.Elizabeth Young, now 72, is just one of thousands of victims of civil forfeiture, which allows police and prosecutors to confiscate property, even if the owner has not […]

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Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu says Kids will Smoke Pot… with Toaster Ovens?

Over the last few days, federal members of parliament have been busy debating the pros and cons of Bill C-45, or the Cannabis Act, during a second reading in the House of Commons. As expected, there has been much emphasis on the tired and repetitive rhetoric of “keeping cannabis out of the hands of children.” […]

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