Day: June 12, 2017

Legalizing Marijuana will Boost California’s Economy by $5 Billion, Study Finds

A measure is passing through the state legislature. The economy of California – poised to create a market for legal marijuana – could see its economy boosted by as much as $5bn, according to a new study. The report by the University of California Agricultural Issues Centre, says that the legalisation of the drug will […]

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Medical Marijuana Proposal to Go Before Council

Niagara Falls city council will consider allowing a medical marijuana facility in the Stanley Avenue Business Park. The city is scheduled to hold a public session during Tuesday evening’s council meeting to deal with a zoning bylaw amendment application for an address on Kister Road. The applicant, Alexei Chinkarenko, applied to amend the general industrial […]

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Pot Etiquette: Mind Your Marijuana Manners

Yes, it’s okay to toke up with your (grown) kids. As long as your kids are legal (that’s 21, FYI) and don’t have a history of substance abuse, Skeer says sharing marijuana with them “shouldn’t pose a major problem.” VanEaton agrees: “I think it’s cool,” she says. “I get a lot of followers that tell […]

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